Our Approach


Improving Chronic Illness Care is dedicated to the idea that United States health care can do better.

Over 145 million people - nearly half the population - suffer from asthma, depression and other chronic conditions. Almost 48 million Americans report a disability related to chronic illness. 25% of U.S. adults have multiple chronic conditions, and the percentage of adults with 2 or more chronic conditions increases with age. Among older adults, 43% have 3 or more illnesses and 23% have more than five.

We believe that people can lead better, healthier lives. Providers who care for chronically ill patients can be better supported with evidence-based guidelines, specialty expertise, and information systems. Overall health care costs can be lowered through better care delivery.

All of this is possible by transforming what is currently a reactive health care system into one that keeps its patients as healthy as possible through planning, proven strategies and management.