LEAP Emerging Leaders Program

U.S. primary care is in flux.  As more patients gain access to care through insurance coverage and as the population ages, traditional physician-centric primary care is giving way to team care--the involvement of non-provider staff in the delivery of care to patients. A variety of lay and trained staff people, including medical assistants, nurses, pharmacists, clerical staff, and locally trained laypersons, now play crucial roles in helping meet patient needs in many primary care practices.

The many LEAP site visits by the MacColl team provided an invaluable opportunity to study these new contributions to care and get to know the people playing these roles.  Their voices are currently missing from most conversations about the future of primary care.

The Emerging Leaders Program provided leadership development and mentoring to selected primary care staff members from LEAP sites, supporting them in becoming effective drivers of change in their own communities, as well as role models for successfully envisioning and creating rewarding health care careers.