Improving Chronic Illness Care
Improving Chronic Illness Care

Getting Started


Regional Collaborative Sponsor Tools
Collaboratives bring together dozens of organizations to improve care for a designated chronic condition. Teams from each organization attend periodic learning sessions, where they examine proven strategies for improving care and refine plans for incorporating these strategies within their organizations. Between learning sessions are action periods, during which teams implement system change plans in consultation with collaborative faculty. Each collaborative culminates in a closing event, to showcase results and promote expansion of the chronic care strategy.

Sponsors of collaboratives must begin planning months before the first learning session takes place. They must also prepare pre-work materials for teams to review before the first learning session. Once the collaborative begins, each phase requires careful preparation and execution.
With the help of numerous organizations, ICIC has assembled dozens of materials – including worksheets, sample documents and critical tools – to assist sponsors as they prepare for each phase of the collaborative. Materials are currently posted through Action Period #1. Sponsors who require further assistance or have suggestions for other materials should contact us.

Tools for Getting Started

Due to the complexity of redesigning care to meet the needs of people with chronic conditions, the content of a collaborative is presented to the participants in a staged approach. The Chronic Conditions Collaborative Overview describes the aspects of the Chronic Care Model that are generally emphasized in each learning session and action period.
Improving Chronic Illness Care would like to gratefully acknowledge the assistance of the many organizations, individuals and groups who have contributed to the development of these materials:
We also extend our thanks to the many health care organizations that participated in collaboratives and willingly shared their lessons and tools with us.