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Practice Coaching Manual

“A Practice Coaching Manual” provides instructions and materials needed to support teams working to transform care.  Its aims are to help effectively and efficiently improve clinical quality in ambulatory settings by:

  • PROVIDING AN OVERVIEW of practice coaching and how a variety of settings have used it to improve care;
  • SUMMARIZING SKILLS to look for when recruiting a practice coach; and
  • DESCRIBING STEP-BY-STEP a time-limited practice coaching intervention that includes a series of activities, companion agendas and tools.

Download "A Practice Coaching Manual" [197K]

Although you are welcome to distribute this document freely, print copies are not available.  The toolkit and coaching manual were designed in electronic format.  During the associated intervention, practice teams found it easiest to search the content and find the tools online rather than in print.  We encourage use of the original electronic format because this is the most navigable form, allowing for customization.

Suggested citation: A Practice Coaching Manual. (Prepared by Katie Coleman from Group Health’s MacColl Institute for Healthcare Innovation, Marjorie Pearson and Shinyi Wu from RAND, edited by Cindy Brach from AHRQ, under Contract No./Assignment No: HHSA2902006000171).  Rockville, MD: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. April 2009.