Closing Event

The Closing Event showcases the collaborative’s success. Teams present and celebrate their accomplishments not only to their own colleagues, but to other health care professionals and the public at large. Thus, the event is an excellent opportunity to promote the Chronic Care Model and the collaborative method for implementing its elements.

Closing Event Tools

Closing Event Task List

This task list will assist collaborative leaders with preparing the Closing Event, including logistics, selection of presenters and marketing. Preparation for the event should begin soon after Learning Session #2.

Closing Event Agenda

This is a sample agenda for a closing event, which can be tailored to the particular collaborative’s needs. The annotated agenda provides information for the sponsor and faculty to run a smooth event.

Evaluation Sample

Evaluation of the Closing Event lets the sponsor know if event objectives were met. If you are providing continuing education credits, make certain that your evaluation will fulfill the requirements of the accrediting organization. Provide feedback to the faculty and presenters within a month of the Closing Event.

Breakout Session Team Presentation Template

During breakout sessions, teams give presentations that focus on specific components of the Chronic Care Model. This Microsoft PowerPoint template helps the teams organize their presentation within the time limit. Faculty facilitators work with the teams to review and revise their presentation.

Model Component Presentation Templates

In preparation for the Closing Event, high-performing teams are asked to present their completed work to date. Some are asked to present activities connected to just one model component (model component presentation), while others are asked to document activities under all model components (model plenary presentation). Microsoft PowerPoint templates are given to team leaders to prepare the presentations. The template ensures presentations are consistent across teams and helps standardize the length of presentations.

Team Press Release

By the end of the collaborative many teams are interested in sharing their successes with a broader audience. The aim can be to promote their health system in their region and encourage spread within the system. The following template is a generic press release that teams can use to report their efforts. It can also be easily adapted for use by the sponsoring organizations to promote the results of the collaborative.