Action Period Two

During Action Period #2, teams continue to refine their plans for improvement within their organizations. As in Action Period #1, they keep in touch with each other and consult faculty and collaborative leaders through various instruments, including conference calls and a listserve.

Action Period #2 Tools

Action Period #2 Task List

Preparation for Action Period #2 should begin midway through Action Period #1. Activities for the period begin shortly after Learning Session #2. This task list will outline steps for preparing and conducting Action Period #2, including scheduling conference calls, monitoring team reports and beginning work on Learning Session #3.

Action Period #2 Conference Call Sample Schedule

Conference calls are scheduled monthly during action periods to allow teams to interact with each other, receive updates on their progress and obtain additional information from the faculty. The conference call schedule will help you with planning conference calls during Action Period #2.

Action Period #2 Listserve

This document provides guidance on how to keep the listserve useful by monitoring traffic and prompting listserve administrators to post items that will help participants share information learned during Action Period #2.