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Working With Academic Medical Centers

"This is about innovative scholars and committed clinicians working together to improve care and learning."  - Ed Wagner, M.D.


Since 2005, ICIC and the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) have been facilitating the adoption of the Chronic Care Model by academic medical centers through two collaboratives based in educational institutions: one national, and one focused on California institutions.

The CCM has been implemented in relatively few academic clinical practice settings, and in even fewer settings that incorporate students and resident trainees as integral members of the clinical teams.

There are many reasons such transformation is difficult in these settings. It requires commitment of time and money to implement transformation where there are additional missions beyond patient care, notably research and education. In a similar vein, academic clinicians frequently practice medicine while maintaining a larger portfolio of additional professional obligations and activities. Both interprofessional practice and the incorporation of the patient into the care process as an informed, active participant frequently require substantial culture change. Moreover, academic practice sites may be loosely organized and are often autonomous in nature.

Despite these challenges, the ICIC and AAMC academic collaboratives build on the premise that academic settings are committed to implementation of innovation that is evidence-based and can be shown to benefit patients. It is doubly important in academic settings because there is the opportunity for such improvements to be incorporated into the care of future patients through the education of tomorrow’s health professionals.

JGIM Supplement on the Academic Medical Center Collaboratives
Funded by the California HealthCare Foundation, and featuring guest editors Ed Wagner, David Stevens MD, and Judith Bowen MD, this October 2010 supplement is available in its entirety free of charge.

Implementing the Chronic Care Model in Academic Environments
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality released "Toolkit for Implementing the Chronic Care Model in an Academic Environment" in May 2008 to help improve care for patients through implementation of the Chronic Care Model in academic health care settings.  This resource is designed to be adapted and used in teaching medical residents the essential components of the CCM, such as how to work in a team environment and improve care for patients with chronic illnesses.

The lessons learned by the Academic Chronic Care Collaborative participants provide a guide to others implementing the Model. Each section is self-contained and addresses the topics of engaging leadership, harnessing the academic culture, putting the CCM into practice and health professions education for chronic care.